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Cosmetic Dentistry in Burton, MI

Achieving Your Ideal Smile

A natural open-mouth smile conveys warmth and likability, but if you’re missing a tooth — like one-third of Americans — smiling might horrify you.

When you visit Great Lakes Family Dentistry, Our team will help you regain a healthy and attractive smile that you can feel good about showing your loved ones. For this reason, we offer multiple cosmetic treatments to solve any dental issue you have.

Our Cosmetic Services

Our team offers the following cosmetic treatments:

Smile Analysis Consultation

A smile analysis (also known as a smile makeover) allows patients to create a smile they’ve always dreamt about by combining multiple cosmetic and restorative treatments. Our team will use his experience and expertise to create a treatment plan for your new smile.

A consultation is an excellent opportunity for Our team to introduce himself and get to know you — your oral structure, medical and dental history, and what you hope to gain from treatment.

Porcelain Bridges

Missing one tooth or multiple teeth can ruin your smile. At Great Lakes Family Dentistry, we can use a dental bridge to fill these gaps and restore the aesthetics of your smile.

A dental bridge uses existing teeth to support a single dental prosthetic — this can restore the shape of your smile, your bite, and eliminate a speech issue caused by missing teeth.

Porcelain Crowns

Some patients break or damage their teeth. In these situations, Our team often recommends using a dental crown to repair the aesthetic of the tooth, as well as its function. Our porcelain crowns can restore the shape, size, color, and strength of your natural teeth.

At Great Lakes Family Dentistry, our crowns are crafted from beautiful, durable porcelain. Porcelain is a tooth-colored ceramic material that reacts to light the same way as your natural teeth so that nobody will differentiate it in your smile.

The Benefits of Smiling

Cosmetic dentistry is all about giving you a smile that you can be proud to wear. Too many of our patients ignore treating their smiles because they believe that they’re a lost cause, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ll do everything we can to restore your smile, thus boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

With a healthy smile, did you know that you can seem more professional? How about that it can make you more likable? These aren’t the only benefits of smiling — learn about them and let Our team revitalize your smile so you can start experiencing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way my smile can make me look younger?

Your smile can definitely help you look more youthful. Here at our Burton, MI office, we offer a number of cosmetic treatments designed to help our patients achieve a more youthful smile.

Our team offers porcelain crowns and dental bridges to help enhance your smile and repair any dental imperfections you may have. You can learn more about our cosmetic treatments by giving our office a call or scheduling your consultation.

What can be done about my chipped teeth?

If you have chipped teeth, Our team can restore the beauty and function of your smile with several cosmetic treatments, such as dental crowns and bridges. Both of these cosmetic solutions are a fast, natural-looking way to cover a number of dental imperfections. Our team will assess the damage and help determine which cosmetic treatment would work best for your individual case.

Is cosmetic dentistry covered by insurance?

In cases where a cosmetic dentistry treatment improves the patient’s oral health or addresses a structural issue such as a broken tooth, dental insurance may cover a portion of treatment. However, the majority of cosmetic dentistry procedures are considered elective and may not be eligible for coverage by most dental insurance plans.

The team at Great Lakes Family Dentistry always helps our patients maximize their dental insurance benefits. Contact us at 810-744-1324 so we can help you review your coverage.

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Our Testimonials

“All the staff are exceptionally warm and welcoming as well as professional. ”

Chad schon
Chad schon
Best dentist in Michigan. Wouldn’t trust anyone else with my teeth. Dr. G is great and the whole staff is wonderful! Would recommend to anyone looking for a new dentistry!
Amber Ramos
Amber Ramos
Awesome experience and very patient with the little ones!!!
Mariah Carrizales
Mariah Carrizales
We love our dental hygienist Diana she is amazing and so sweet, Dr G works hand in hand with us for the best possible solutions. Highly recommend coming here
Casey Sage
Casey Sage
Best dentist & staff.
Matthew Bratcher
Matthew Bratcher
After 30 years I changed my dentist and had an appointment with Great Lakes Family Dentistry, I was very happy with the thoroughness of the hygienist and the dentist and would highly recommend.
Selena Barnhart
Selena Barnhart
Broke my front tooth. They got me in with Dr. Maddalena the next day. He was super gentle. The team was incredible and sent me out looking better than before.
Tammy Prentice
Tammy Prentice
Had to get 2 fillings and chipped tooth fixed. They did a great job! Quick and painless. 😀 highly recommend!
Mark Williams
Mark Williams
Great service and really nice people and dentists.
Great staff and Dr Ingalls is a very good dentist. Pleasant and professional.
Tom Williams
Tom Williams
Great people. Friendly,caring and professional