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Dentist Burton, MI - Great Lakes Family Dentistry

Treating your entire family as we would treat a member of our own family has been Dr. Larry Grzegorzewski’s philosophy since he graduated from University of Detroit dental school in 1983.

After a thorough explanation of treatment options and fees, Dr. Grzegorzewski believes in involving the patient in all treatment decisions. He strives to understand each patient’s individual dental needs and goals. By taking the time to get to know his patients, Dr. Grzegorzewski is better able to develop an appropriate treatment plan and make recommendations for home care.

Dr. Grzegorzewski believes in staying current on the latest innovations dentistry has to offer. We incorporate state of the art technology into our practice to help patients attain optimal oral health and an approved appearance and quality of life.

Apprehensive patients appreciate Dr. Grzegorzewski’s light touch and gentle chairside manner.

We provide a complete range of dental services, from basic cleaning and preventative care to the more complex restorative and cosmetic treatment, such as one-visit crowns, white fillings, veneers and whitening for life.

You can enjoy the healthy and attractive smile you deserve. Review the services we offer and then call our office to schedule an appointment.