Bright For Life

At Great Lakes Family Dentistry your smile is important to us. Have you always wanted beautiful, healthy white teeth? We want you to look your best possible, and now Dr. Grzegorzewski makes it even easier for you to achieve.

NiteWhite ACP is the first and only take–home whitener to combine the amorphous calcium phosphate, potassium nitrate and fluoride to provide unparalleled sensitivity management and enhanced whitening results. NiteWhite ACP has been clinically proven to remineralize teeth while also whitening them. NiteWhite rebuilds tooth enamel, making teeth stronger and less susceptible to caries. Better yet, NiteWhite ACP has been clinically proven to do it better than the closest competitor

Great Lakes Family Dentistry is offering Bright for Life to New Patients to our practice at the unbelievable fee of $99.00 . Sound too good to be true, here’s how it works.

  • Complete your initial exam and x-rays, followed by your cleaning.
  • Complete any restorative work needed that may impede the whitening process.
  • If you choose to whiten your teeth, we will offer you this $300 procedure for only $99.00. Also, you will be eligible for a free whitening touch-up syringe at each preventative appointment.

If you are an Existing Patient we have an offer for you too.

If you have already taken advantage of the whitening process you are automatically in the Bright for Life program. Just keep on your recommended preventative program seeing us 2 to 3 times yearly and your touch-up syringe is free .

If you have yet to whiten your teeth, now is a great time!! Dr. Grzegorzewski is offering our Nite White program ($300.00 value) to you for only $150.00 .

Just stay on your recommended preventative appointment schedule, maintain a healthy mouth and a current account (no outstanding balance) and White for Life is for you.

Disclaimer: Great Lakes Family Dentistry maintains the right to refuse this offer to any patient that may not benefit due to health conditions, abuse, non-compliancy, or any other factor that may void this offer.